duct tape

I can’t make this stuff up.  Just a few hours before I read this post   http://passiveaggressiveabuse.wordpress.com/2014/03/23/duct-tape/ , I was having an argument with my husband over a car window repair that he’d used DUCT TAPE on.  The electric window wasn’t rolling up all the way, so without asking me or pursuing another option, he used duct tape.  I hated it.  I can’t say how much I’ve hated it, but as the tape has worn off and only the splotchy nasty residual remains, I hate it even more!

The argument started because I was talking about getting a car for ME.  I’ve only had one car that was for me since we’ve been married.  I bought it from my oldest daughter, and made payments to her.  It cost a whopping $1500.  I’m pretty sure she could have gotten more, but she was probably trying to help me at the time.  It was a champagne colored Saturn, no power anything, just manually lock and roll up/down windows.  Very simple, but it didn’t scream ‘beater’.  In fact, it didn’t draw attention.  It just blended in like a nice, well behaved normal car.  I could come and go, arrive with people seeing me pull up, and not feel embarrassed. 

Suffice it to say, my poor little car eventually became the family car, the only car, and had the heck driven out of it until a teen wrecked it (thankfully, the teen was okay).  When we spent another 1500. to replace it, my one request was that whatever we got didn’t scream ‘beater’.  And it didn’t.  It looked outwardly normal and decent.
Until the duct tape went on the window.

So today I was saying that when I finally get a car for myself, I didn’t plan on letting any male relatives drive it (not husband or sons), but would let my daughter use it when she gets her license this year. 
Husband started talking about needing another car for himself after I got one.  He asked how it would look if he drove up to a meeting with duct tape on the window.
Did he really just say that?  After all the times that I’ve expressed horror at the duct tape and he never once expressed a problem with it himself?  But now, just talking about my imaginary car meant that he needed a car too.  In fact, that is always how it goes.  I can’t seem to have anything unless he gets it/whatever too.  (another post topic!)


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2 Responses to duct tape

  1. damnedifyoudodamnedifyoudont says:

    dont’t get me started on cars… I have issues… 1) the cars have always been in his name even though I paid for them… 2) if the cars have mechanic issues, mine gets fixed last and only after I have pleaded to have it fixed… 3) we had 2 nice working cars but he decided that he “needed” a new one – we were car debt free for at least a year and our budget was tight – he comes home with a new car …………. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that’s all.


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