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I found an old letter

The strangest thing happened.  I was sorting and cleaning to get ready for a visit from my kids, and there, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, was an envelope addressed to one of my sisters, in my handwriting.  It was still … Continue reading

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Is he passive aggressive because I do or don’t X,Y,Z?

A particularly judgmental person named Bill responded to this post from one of the best bloggers on passive aggressive abuse.  You can read his comments in full, but particularly I addressed the following:  “The more you ruminate about how much … Continue reading

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Notes on abuse

I’m not sure how many of you have heard of Sam Vaknin.  He’s a self-proclaimed narcissist and abuser.  Part of his pathology has been to write at least one book, and put lots of videos on youtube to purportedly help … Continue reading

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Not even death

Two women that I loved died very recently.  One was very old, full of days as the Bible would say.  She was the older sister of my father-in-law, my aunt by marriage. The other was far too young, and hadn’t … Continue reading

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When a woman loves too much

Below are excerpts from the book Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood.  What are your thoughts? “When being in love means being in pain we are loving too much. When most of our conversations with intimate friends are … Continue reading

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Finding Ourselves

Originally posted on Out of the Mire:
I recently spoke with a beloved friend experiencing emotional pain due to a family interaction.  Her sentiments were familiar.  This interaction was similar to an older one, and it brought forth latent feelings…

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Rocky Road

Happy Birthday!    

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Last night I said no

Last night was not a stellar night for our relationship.  Brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, my husband suddenly wanted to be intimate, and I flatly expressed zero interest.  In all these years, his expressing a desire to … Continue reading

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The alarm clock

Bittersweet is the tale of the alarm clock.  I don’t think I’ve written about the time several years ago that we were by default separated.  In true Dicken’s fashion, it really was a time of contrasts for best and worst, … Continue reading

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He knows what’s going on inside of me

My passive aggressive husband has an uncanny ability to read my very thoughts at times.  He always seems to know what’s really going on inside of me.  He has an awareness that’s beyond normal. One day recently driving to the … Continue reading

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