A safe place to find each other

Many of you have mentioned the desire to make real life contact. 

I think it’s better for me to remain anonymous for the time being, but I do know of a safe place and way. 

There’s an excellent, well and responsibly run, online forum for victims of abuse.

Our Place 

Once you register your chosen forum pseudonym, you can connect it with the name you use here if you wish.  This way no strangers gawking or browsing can find you if you wish to remain anonymous.

Once you know each other’s forum names here, you have the ability on that forum to send private messages.  You can use the private messaging there to exchange personal real life information safely.

I can personally vouch for that forum, and it should be entirely safe!

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3 Responses to A safe place to find each other

  1. newshoes says:

    Wow!! that’s great. Thank you for doing that PJs.

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  2. Exodus says:

    You recommended this site when I first joined your blog and I set up an account there. Thanks for reminding me!

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  3. lonelywife07 says:

    I’m going to set up an acct also…


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