Recognize and Prevent Emotional Abuse

It’s good to know there are guys out there that get it. Thanks to the original blogger for this discovery!

I have been listening to Patrick Doyle since the recent separation.  He is a Christian counselor, a survivor of abuse, and a former addict.  He articulates the issues with abuse relatably and has great insights as a counselor.  Along with their discussion about what emotional abuse is and the toil it has on the victims, they briefly discuss how some churches do not know how to handle emotional abuse.  At times, churches do not know how to differentiate between a destructive marriage versus a difficult marriage.  I have encountered this, not with my church, but with people in my life – people I’m trying not to associate with too much at this time of my life.  There are also a couple of call-ins from listeners.  It’s a little longer than your usual youtube clip but I think it’s worth listening to.  Have it in the background while you’re getting ready…

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5 Responses to Recognize and Prevent Emotional Abuse

  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW, that’s an excellent video. Thanks for sharing that. He mentioned something about ‘ role abuse’ and that is what I was writing about ( I think to Seeing) when I wrote that I’ve come to realize that what Norman does to me is not directed at me personally- rather at my role. Any woman that steps into my role will get abused. Norman has a very skewed perception of family roles- sort of a love/hate perception of and relationship with them. He was shamed by his father’s physical abuse but became the same type of abuser. He won’t admit that he hates his mother ( it comes out every now and then) but he’s always trying to please her ( which is impossible to do) and while he forces me in many ways to be his mother, he hates me for doing so. Too wacko wacky insane for me. I get it..really I do..but it’s insane nonetheless and it’s making me crazy.


  2. Jane D. says:

    “Any woman that steps into my role will get abused.”

    Yes, I’ve thought this about my situation for a long time. My husband has several brothers and they are all cut from the same emotional cloth. They are all abusive. Almost all of them divorced around the 20 year mark. Husband and I are right around that now. . .


    • Exodus says:

      Jane, Thank goodness those wives left their husbands. I am so sick of being abused and hearing that ugly word that once I get out of here, I’m never going to use it again. I hope you can get out of there. Please try.


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