I need a pep talk!

I want to join a gym.  I feel a bit intimidated!  Walking is possible for awhile, but the weather will soon make that very difficult.  I’m open to other ideas, but some kind of fitness center seems reasonable.

Do any of you go to a gym?  What did you look for?  I haven’t been to a gym for so long, that in gamer slang, I’m a noob!  (newb, newbie)   Are there questions I should be asking about membership?

Did any of you use a personal trainer or coach?

This feels almost overwhelming to me, but it does seem like a step in the right direction.

Overall, I tend to eat as much clean and living food (organic, sans chemicals, and incorporating some raw or lightly cooked foods) as possible.  I believe in trying to use a holistic approach to my health and well being.
I used to be so active, but I’m a bona fide couch (computer) potato now.

I’d love to hear your best back to health motivational tips, stories, recipes, and advice.  If you navigated personal obstacles (say… a passive aggressive husband), then I’d also like to know your best strategies to avoid being derailed or sabotaged.

If it worked for you, it might work for me!

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16 Responses to I need a pep talk!

  1. Christine says:

    fitnessblender.com worked wonders for me 🙂 Good luck!


  2. paescapee says:

    Going swimming with a friend is very helpful, as the commitment forces me to go and I enjoy it when I get there, together with the gossip!. When I join a gym I make excuses not to go and just feel guilty about the expense, but going to specific classes is useful as I like routine. Yoga is great for body AND mind always, and you can do a beginner’s class as your own level so don’t feel so uncomfortable about being unfit. I also have a DVD to do at home. Passive aggressive sabotage? Of course that will happen, but having a regular commitment inked in to the diary helped me to ignore the inevitable guilt trips. Arranging ride-sharing with a friend helps for when he ‘needs’ the car, too!


    • WritesinPJ's says:

      One of the gyms I inquired about also has yoga classes, so it’s risen to being top on my list so far. There’s another one with a swimming pool, and naturally it’s the most expensive membership. I do love to swim, but I’m also used to swimming in fresh water. I’m not sure if the chlorinated water would negatively factor in another health issue I’m having.

      I’m going to look for a DVD at the library first, and also like the ‘ink in’ tip, thanks!


  3. paescapee says:

    PS- also to congratulate you for doing something for yourself, as that is the most important thing of all 🙂


  4. Exodus says:

    Hi :PJ’s…great idea! I’m not too keen on Gyms but if I were going to join one, I’d look into the YMCA or maybe some class with the county extension. I am taking 2 Qi gong classes on Monday nights now. Onefor breathing and one is for form. Yoga is also wonderful and they have all sorts of different types. In my Qi gong class, we study nutrition as well and make very healthy smoothies. Do you like to dance? Ballroom dancing classes are fun.

    Remaining committed to your own well-being is only a matter of putting yourself first for an hour or two and realizing that there’s nothing wrong with doing that!


  5. Bronze says:

    I’ve gotten fit a few times in my life. The first time was after my third baby and I hired a recumbent bicycle because there were no gyms where I lived. I would do it in my bedroom – yes, he would make sure he interrupted me as much as possible. The second time I moved to an area with an old gym that was frequented by mainly retirees – that was great for a young mum!! All those older ladies – a great place to learn slowly all the moves – I came to love step up and power bar! Of course, when I moved to going at night time after I got a job – hubby again made it impossible for me to go to the gym so I had to quit. I than bought a treadmill – that takes a lot of self control but I’m slowly getting back on on – it’s set up where I can crank the music up and go for it. Now I have nobody to stop me – I just need me to start me!! I getting a website up for my business soon and as a dietitian I have to look fit – so that keeps me going at the moment. I have 20 pounds to lose and lot to firm up. So if I want people believing in me I gotta go. My greatest source has been other women – I walk with a friend a lot. A gym for women, I like females instructors. And retirees – I find them a great source of inspiration. When I first started 70-80 years olds could do more than me! That keeps you going, for sure.

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    • Bronze says:

      Eek – I also forgot to say – YOUTUBE!! I have many workouts that are my favourites for at home hand weights. Bob Harper, hasFIT.com is a great site and has heaps of free easy workouts on youtube. Don’t do Jillian michaels if you want to be able to walk afterwards, lol… Go through some and watch the different workouts – you will be inspired – aerobices, oh and walk aerobics by leslie ?? – I love her. I think of her name and post it. in hurry right now… BRB.

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      • Bronze says:

        Leslie Sansone – she is a great place to start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRScb2l4Z4g — she has heaps of different ones. As you get more confident you can try others. Hasfit have some great weights for hand weight routines for beginners – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0bhE67HuDY. And Bob harper does a nice medium one for beginners that you can feel working but won’t be incapacitated the next day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naJtNxEuBqw

        As we age holding on to as much muscle mass as possible is vital. Weights also keeps our bones strong. You don’t need complicates routines – anything that utilises your own body weights – squats, push ups etc. are just as good if not better than machines. The higher muscle to fat ratio will give a higher metabolism (more muscle – you can eat more without gaining weight). Ok – I’ll stop spamming you now!! Good luck and don’t worry about down days – the main thing isn’t how many times you fall – it’s how many times you get back up.


    • WritesinPJ's says:

      So much helpful feedback! Bronze, thanks so much.


  6. Newshoes says:

    So proud that you re exploring going to the gym! That’s awesome…
    I started going as a means to release stress and I loved it, can’t do without it now, the bonus I lost almost 70 pounds! Plus I eat like you, organic and clean… Love it – try bodybuilding.com, it s a great start and they have tons of inspirational fitness programs for free to try. And there are a lot of motivational people on there that will help you through rough patches when u don’t want to exercise. Start slow and work your way up! 🙂 rooting for you! Go for it girl.


  7. marsocmom says:

    The hospital in our town has a fitness center that is part of the physical therapy department, and it’s very inexpensive. They designed a simple weight-lifting program for me, plus they have treadmills and other machines. I don’t go a whole lot, because right now I walk to work and back 4 times a week, a little over an hour a day. I also love pilates, Even the easy beginner videos are a great workout. I have two Kristen McGee videos I bought from Amazon. ALSO, 4 weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers, and their program has changed so much and is so easy to follow. It’s almost like a game, thinking about what you are going to eat and how much the cookie will cost vs. the salad. I was surprised to find an actual weekly meeting in our small little town, but they also have an online only version. It helps so much to have a support network when you’re trying to eat better and exercise. Good luck to you PJs!


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