The Most Adorable Children’s Argument – ‘You Poked My Heart’

The pure honesty of these small children is so priceless. Somewhere along the way, we lose that as we grow up, but wouldn’t it be priceless to be that in touch with your own emotions again?

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We are delighted to share this cute video with you.

Watch two little children debating the whole ‘rain vs. sprinkling’ argument.

The “YOU’RE NOT REAL.  I’m real.” line left us with big smiles 🙂


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3 Responses to The Most Adorable Children’s Argument – ‘You Poked My Heart’

  1. Newshoes says:

    This is so darn cute, I m proud of that boy for standing up to that little girl and telling her he was hurt. Good for him.

    I ve gotten into the habit lately to let my emotions out especially when I m happy, it feels wonderful! Sometimes a bit exhuberant but so freeing!,, and I try to let the bad ones out too but I’m still having issues with that, I still want to hide and work them out alone…. But yes it would be nice to have children’s innocence again if only to just be who we really are… That would be spectacular. I’m learning quickly that this is what I want from now on, just to be me. Not what someone else expects, just plain old little me and guess what? I like me! :). Try it just one day everyone, I bet you ll be surprised how people respond back to you. It s we’ll worth it!

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    • WritesinPJ's says:

      I’m actually not known for hiding my feelings 😉

      I’m capable of it, but I’ve preferred not to. What I need to work on is a more instantly mindful awareness of how I really feel. I think there’s some defense mechanisms still in place that dull that at times.


      • Newshoes says:

        It’s been working pretty well for me and before I say anything, I step back and think. Once I know for sure how I m feeling then I say it. It also gives the other person some time to explain what they mean – not a bad combo.

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