Spiders … eww!!!  One of my sons was bitten by a hobo spider.  This at least prompted a cleaning campaign in the man cave shared by brothers, and the fervor was increased when one of them killed a black widow under a bed that hadn’t been moved or dusted under for months.

It was a wet bite (injected venom), big and nasty looking, so we had him seen by the family doctor (who recommended immediate antibiotics and predicted a long haul with necrosis etc.)  My son decided to try an alternative, and once the bite indeed erupted (gross factor high), started applying a poultice of boiled clay and activated charcoal.  (If anyone wants specific details on treatment, just let me know)

It’s working so far!  The early necrosis stopped, and in the last 24 hours you can see a noticeable reduction of the oozing gross stuff.  Basically, it’s in a holding pattern, instead of the worsening and infection the doctor talked about.  He already had a bad cold when this happened, and so with the added load of eliminating the toxic venom, I decided to to help finish painting the loft bed he built.  In my bare feet (which is typical for me).  In October.

Even though my feet didn’t feel cold, it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done (except the bed looks good).  I haven’t been sleeping well, and of course I woke in the night a few times imagining a nasty spider was crawling on me.  I added insult to injury by eating a scone (I normally don’t eat sugar at all, and I think it tipped the balance with my immune system fighting it off), and the last few days since then, I’ve been down and out with a fever and cold.

The first thing I plan to do is start catching up on the blogs many of the readers here have, and then try to update more on me.

Predictably, even during the not bad windows, there were passive aggressive incidents.  The positive is that I still feel determined to exercise my choices to  change myself to change my life.

By the way, I finally came to terms with liking daddy long leg spiders after I read they’re a natural enemy of the spiders I don’t want around.  We bought some spider traps for hobo spiders at Home Depot, and I’ll report back if they actually catch any.  Meanwhile, be careful when reaching into dark or dusty places!  Back under the blanket for me until tomorrow.

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8 Responses to Arachnophobia

  1. Exodus says:

    Thanks PJ’s! I’ll be sure to make that therapy appt tomorrow! YEEEEKS!
    Hope your son’s bite heals soon and your night terrors end as well!

    I had to kill one of those giant sized wolf type spiders last week and I have been having horrible terrors since. I can barely eat and can’t dressed without turning my clothes inside out first.

    Daddy long legs don’t really bother me either. They don’t look so spiderish to me.

    Speaking of spiders: Had to contact my mother for help ( that’s how desperate I am now)- dont need help as much as needing a place to store some valuables so I can get the heck out of here and travel light. I’m really really hoping that I’ll be gone by Nov 1. Probably wishful thinking. Norman has completely lost his mind. I’ve been living in a psychotic hell.


  2. I hope you and your son are healthy soon, and I’m glad to hear that you’re still committed to getting away from the passive aggressive relationship. Good for you!


  3. betternotbroken says:

    I googled Hobo spider, spooky. Good luck with everything and I hope there are no more attacks!


  4. Newshoes says:

    Yikes. Spiders give me the crawling….. Feel better soon PJ.


  5. Jane Thorne says:

    Sending love and healing hugs for you and your son PJ. ❤ Xx


  6. wornout says:

    I hope you are feeling better and I hope your son’s bite mends quickly. Sounds like you guys are handy and have smart ideas in remedies:) spiders are soo creepy! 😦


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