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The Three D’s of a Passive Aggressive: Divert, Deflect, and Destabilize
This blogger, Newshoes, explains one of the tactics that’s typically used by a passive aggressive.


Dealing with a pa person sometimes means that you will have unrelated comments thrown in through your conversation or emails or texts. Why?? Simple, to destabilize you and to throw you off track.

For example, you send your stbexpah an email asking a few questions about the Holidays hoping to get a straight answer about the schedule and how to split the time, you get a convaluted answer along with an unrelated comment that has nothing at all to do with your request. Then once you ask what the heck that was about and what it had to do with anything, he back tracks his comment!!

I’ve experienced this many times over the years. We would be discussing something serious and perhaps because it was an uncomfortable conversation, he would throw in a comment in there that would send me off track and would just make me get mad at…

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