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Jesus and Divorce (David Instone-Brewer)

I came across this article, Jesus and Divorce by David Instone-Brewer, and wanted to share with all of you.  The truth sets us free.

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Excellent Narcissism Resources

Originally posted on Laura Bruno's Blog:
Here are three excellent narcissism resources for anyone personally involved in oppressive, dehumanizing, soul-sucking relationships. If you don’t think you have this in your personal life, please consider watching the videos anyway, as…

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The winter gray days

It was rather ironic that I posted to another absentee blogger that I hoped she’d post and update soon.  Here I sit (not writing much lately), and I’m finding it so difficult to let my thoughts and feelings make it … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Grace for my Heart:
It’s Narcissist Friday! Well, I finally watched the movie, Gaslight.  The 1944 version with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.  I have to admit that it was a little creepy.  Mostly because I know…

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Wordless but clear communications

It’s so strange how a passive aggressive man doesn’t need to say the actual words, but can clearly convey that you’ve offended, displeased, missed the mark, done something wrong, not done enough etc., and yet utterly deny that he feels … Continue reading

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My husband is on a long streak of mostly behaving decently,  which tends to produce a struggle within me that wants to put up an extra wall to guard myself, and simultaneously  to relax and let down my guard. Why?  … Continue reading

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Compartments for coping

Do you ever separate things into different compartments to help you cope? I was thinking about how this became a kind of coping mechanism in my younger years. I won’t think about ‘that’ right now, I’ll think about ‘that’ later. … Continue reading

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