This is an excellent blog post about gaslighting. I also found many of the comments to be extremely insightful and educational.

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!

Well, I finally watched the movie, Gaslight.  The 1944 version with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.  I have to admit that it was a little creepy.  Mostly because I know this actually happens.  I won’t spoil the movie for you (but watch for a young Angela Lansbury as the new maid), so I want to focus on the term and the process.

To “gaslight” someone is to make them believe they are losing their mind.  The gas lights represent the whole process of deception and manipulation used by the bad guy in the movie.  Little tricks are played on the victim; items are moved or taken away to make her think she lost them; and facts are denied.  She is constantly told that she is sick or wrong or forgetful.

Most of us are susceptible to this kind of manipulation.  We are very aware of the…

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  1. newshoes123 says:

    I’ve read this article a while ago and it was very insightful and so so true… Just last week I thought I was the crazy one until I removed myself from the situation and realized, he had me again…. not for long though, not for long.


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