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Thoughts on being stuck

One of the best bloggers on passive aggressive abuse recently wrote about feeling stuck.  I gave a brief response there that I’m adding to here: I wrestle almost daily with thoughts that sound very much like yours, only I vacillate … Continue reading

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The hand that hurts is the hand that helps

My immune system seems to be more vulnerable than normal.  If I catch something going around, it hits me harder and lasts longer.  This has become the norm for me, and it’s something I’m working to change. Stress is harmful … Continue reading

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The repair that didn’t happen

Last night I dreamed that my husband asked me to go on a short car ride.  It was a beautiful morning in my dream, and our two youngest daughters were along in the backseat.  We were already driving down the … Continue reading

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I only wanted love

When I was young and my dreams were strong, I had the hope that there would be love in my marriage.  I didn’t have ambitions for wealth, new cars, a big house, expensive clothes, or even care much for those … Continue reading

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