Just one of those days

This is one of those days that started with a long and draining conversation aka an argument.  As it was progressing, I wanted to hit myself on the head, and try to knock some sense into my frazzled mind.

I could hear Sense quietly saying,  What are you doing?  You know this has all been said before.  This is a time and energy sink.

The dynamics are all too familiar.  He says something, and I hear that the words are loaded beyond the surface sound.  In this case, he wanted to take off for hours of running errands and shopping (places that are located an hour’s drive away), and leave the weekly cleaning and maintenance to ‘others’.  I wanted us to tackle it together, and then I’d have the peace of mind to do the shopping and errands with him tomorrow.  He says he doesn’t understand why I would expect him to help, when ‘others’ here could do that.

He starts the accusations and undermining, constantly trying to divert and deflect.  My fight becomes about staying on topic.

At one point, the diversion tactic of tossing in a passive aggressive dig almost worked.  He was trying to tell me that he has changed, and then reminded me that he ‘could’ complain about the condition of the house and how it’s being run, but he doesn’t.  (This was not at all the topic of our conversation.)  He insists that he didn’t make a dig, but I don’t believe him, and I don’t care.

It eventually ended when he realized that I was much more in the give-a-damn-busted camp than the hurt-upset camp.  The compromise is that he’s running some errands in the town we live near, then supposedly will come back to help with some weekly chores.
I guess we’ll see how that plays out.

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2 Responses to Just one of those days

  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we “forget” during an argument that they are very well verses in making us go from one topic to another without batting an eyelash? I always wondered how I got from one specific argument to something completely off topic in one swift move…. I heard the “I changed” or the “I don’t do that anymore” too, except they find other ways to undermine us and to continue (and this is the key word: continue) to abuse us, sometimes it’s more subtle and you don’t notice it right away until it happens over and over again, then you wonder, is it me or they found a new way to go around… Anytime you feel a veiled comment beneath the true message, you are being abused. That’s all. These people don’t change, they can’t. I’ve learned that now.


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