Counting apples

I had our piano tuned yesterday, and I feel almost amazed that I’ve gone from what was a very long time (financially) of counting apples (to make sure there were enough for school lunches), to being able to pay someone to tune the piano. I’m now plotting and planning to get my daughter the piano lessons she wistfully and wishfully asked for.

Going back to that long grim stretch of years, I still remember getting very upset with my youngest son if he ate a second or third apple in the same day, because then there wouldn’t be enough for the other kids for the week.  I’d then proceed to feel upset and disgusted with myself, because what kind of a mother is upset at her kid for eating fruit?

Today we had the septic tank serviced, and without going TMI, it was so much in the nick of time that I felt sorry for the guy that had to do it.  I’m so relieved (grateful) that there was money set aside for that too!

I’m still looking for a car, and if it’s halfway decent, I may become giddy with hope 🙂  What a difference it makes to get a rung or two up from the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid.

These are the things I remind myself of anytime I’m tempted to not be involved with his work.  It’s draining to me, but ever so slowly, the tides are turning.

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1 Response to Counting apples

  1. lonelywife07 says:

    I’m so happy that financially things are looking up for you, PJ! Just continue to trust God…and take care of YOU!! that’s what I’m doing, and it feels GREAT! 🙂


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