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The gift of gratitude

In this country, most people are preparing for a big feast day tomorrow.  Yes, the irony is that giving thanks is blurring into a national leave family and rush to spend money on the hot deals blasted by savvy advertisers, … Continue reading

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Down the rabbit hole

“Little Alice fell d o w n the hOle, bumped her head and bruised her soul”  Lewis Carroll You’ll find today’s post interspersed with some favorite quotes by Lewis Carroll.  I feel a bit like someone who fell down a … Continue reading

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Questions that friends of victims ask

There’s a wonderful blog that often addresses important issues for women:  The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker In this post, she asked some important questions.  Here are two of them: “When do attempts to help and support become … Continue reading

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The aftermath and PTSD

(I wrote this post yesterday, but was still upset and decided to sleep on it.  I felt particularly vulnerable, but it’s a real snap from the day.) What a mess I am.  I thought I was dealing with yesterday okay.  … Continue reading

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If you’re wondering why

If you stumbled onto this blog with no real experience of a passive aggressive person, it might all sound a bit crazy to you. That’s okay.  Those of us who live with it have a hard time understanding or wrapping … Continue reading

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