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Courage and fear

It seems so strange, but just three times (so far) of being able to connect with a horse, an animal that I’ve always admired and loved, has been awakening both courage and fear inside of me. I’ve found myself thinking … Continue reading

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Once more to the fray?

The dictionary says that a frayed rope has been rubbed so much that its fibers are wearing away.  I feel a bit like that, but I’m going to try one more time to see a good counselor (at least I … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday catching a bus story

I found a couple old journals, and let me tell you that it’s probably more fun to get a root canal than to read those.  Reading about my own life seems surreal and macabre, with its moments of humor, like … Continue reading

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When positive reinforcement is toxic

Father’s day was probably harder than I was able to fully acknowledge within myself.  It’s the whole thing really.  How I loved (still do) my Dad so much, but how much hurt there was in so many ways.  One day … Continue reading

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This place to share

I started this blog as a way of taking a baby step (maybe a big baby step) towards living life.  Facing my pajama life existence in the eye, not hiding, and defying the burdensome chains of shame, guilt, and judgment.  … Continue reading

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