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Wordless but clear communications

It’s so strange how a passive aggressive man doesn’t need to say the actual words, but can clearly convey that you’ve offended, displeased, missed the mark, done something wrong, not done enough etc., and yet utterly deny that he feels … Continue reading

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The drama we step in

Yesterday morning, IF my husband hadn’t caused that drama, I imagine what would have happened would have been a normal conversation later, the kind of communication that seeks to avoid it happening again.  My best guess is that his getting … Continue reading

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He makes me crazy

I know, don’t say it, I know that no one can ‘make’ you anything.  If you’re the kind of person that has never been provoked to anger by a passive aggressive man, you might not want to stay for this … Continue reading

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Where there’s smoke

Passive aggressive men don’t get angry.  At least they’ll tell you they aren’t angry.  No matter how their words, tone, and behavior show anger, they’ll say they aren’t angry.  Much smoke, but denial of anything generating it. I know many … Continue reading

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If you’re wondering why

If you stumbled onto this blog with no real experience of a passive aggressive person, it might all sound a bit crazy to you. That’s okay.  Those of us who live with it have a hard time understanding or wrapping … Continue reading

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Just in case

Just in case the links go wonky, here is the article in entirety: Narcissistic Pathology of Everyday Life: The Denial of Remorse and Gratitude Nancy McWilliams, Ph.D. Stanley Lependorf, Ph.D. This essay attempts a phenomenological study of ordinary, day-to-day manifestations … Continue reading

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