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My husband is on a long streak of mostly behaving decently,  which tends to produce a struggle within me that wants to put up an extra wall to guard myself, and simultaneously  to relax and let down my guard. Why?  … Continue reading

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Truth, fog, and a tea kettle

It can be formidably difficult to find the truth when you’re in the foggy murk of passive aggressive dynamics.  Every now and then, the truth will just belligerently blurt out. One of my favorite bloggers wrote about her passive aggressive … Continue reading

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Choking on gratitude (article concluson)

After helping me to understand why he struggles with such an inability to apologize,  the article goes on to discuss gratitude, or the narcissistically driven person’s lack of it. Substitutes for simple gratitude are listed as conferring approval, reversing roles, … Continue reading

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Life circles

Little did I know as I was writing about my oldest son’s health issues bringing him home, that I was about to get a call from the high school my youngest son attends.  I’m still in the throes of grief … Continue reading

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