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Hope is the thing with feathers

I had to play all kinds of mind games with myself, but I made it to the therapy appointment.  When I told my husband that I’d made an appointment, his very first response was to tell me that he might … Continue reading

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Staying strong

Every day I live with two men.  One is immature, resentful, spiteful, deceitful, and hurtful.  The other is funny,  works and helps,  is smart, interesting, and can be sweet.  When the good smiling man walks in the room, the hug … Continue reading

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What holds me to him

What holds me to him?  I can think of so many answers to this question.  The fact that I actually married him, said vows, and never wanted to divorce.  This was because I’d been raised to fear the devastation of … Continue reading

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Fighting for myself

I grew up hearing the simple expression: He can dish it out, but he can’t take it, and many times I’ve looked at my husband and thought of those words.  More accurate in his case would be, He can dish … Continue reading

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It’s not his fault (article part eight)

And for the favorite topic of the day, we can all remind ourselves that it’s not his fault! “The readiness of narcissistically vulnerable people to convey criticism is equaled only by their resistance to assimilating it.” “I’ll confess that I … Continue reading

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This place to share

I started this blog as a way of taking a baby step (maybe a big baby step) towards living life.  Facing my pajama life existence in the eye, not hiding, and defying the burdensome chains of shame, guilt, and judgment.  … Continue reading

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I’m not upset that you’re hurt

Ad hoc vulnerability.  I bet we’ve all been in that stew pot. Right now, I’m smack fresh in an ad hoc situation.  I went out for a couple long stretches of weeding yesterday.  Because I’d thrown down packets of flower … Continue reading

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