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Staying strong

Every day I live with two men.  One is immature, resentful, spiteful, deceitful, and hurtful.  The other is funny,  works and helps,  is smart, interesting, and can be sweet.  When the good smiling man walks in the room, the hug … Continue reading

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Withholding sex as punishment

There’s been some infamously fascinating conversation about sex and the passive aggressive man in the comments on this post. I don’t want to give the impression that we never have sex, or that we’ve never had great sex.  Like everything … Continue reading

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Choking on gratitude (article concluson)

After helping me to understand why he struggles with such an inability to apologize,  the article goes on to discuss gratitude, or the narcissistically driven person’s lack of it. Substitutes for simple gratitude are listed as conferring approval, reversing roles, … Continue reading

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Back to the article (part four)

He’s acting contrite, with much sighing.  The contrariness must be like a bile that builds and has to be occasionally vomited on me.  I don’t know.  I don’t really want to even think about it right now. I’m going to … Continue reading

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