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TGI (almost)F

No, it’s not Friday yet, but I am giving thanks that I have therapy to look forward to.  Not sarcastic, quite sincere, and very grateful. Last Friday (the second session) was draining and difficult, but not so much from what … Continue reading

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The gift of gratitude

In this country, most people are preparing for a big feast day tomorrow.  Yes, the irony is that giving thanks is blurring into a national leave family and rush to spend money on the hot deals blasted by savvy advertisers, … Continue reading

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Mothering a man

Sometimes it’s just sad to understand something.  Not just sympathize, but understand.  My heart ached a bit reading a blog today: The Breakfast Monologue   Especially this part…  “Am I just being bitchy? Why do I dislike him so much? Maybe … Continue reading

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Where it starts

It’s been several years since I sat quietly crying in the dark, typing words into a search engine, and finding my first ever online abuse support site.  What a shock it was, and what a relief.  There was almost a … Continue reading

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