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I want it to be Friday

Five times that I’ve gone to equine therapy, and now each week seems to stretch out a little longer between sessions.  Getting in touch with feeling splashes of sanity and happiness have also seemed to intensify feeling the impact of … Continue reading

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The time markers

What used to be special days that I’d anticipate, are now days I typically dread, want to just get behind me, and hate the feeling that they marked time.  Yesterday, my youngest child became a teenager.  Her birthday is shared … Continue reading

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This place to share

I started this blog as a way of taking a baby step (maybe a big baby step) towards living life.  Facing my pajama life existence in the eye, not hiding, and defying the burdensome chains of shame, guilt, and judgment.  … Continue reading

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I’m not upset that you’re hurt

Ad hoc vulnerability.  I bet we’ve all been in that stew pot. Right now, I’m smack fresh in an ad hoc situation.  I went out for a couple long stretches of weeding yesterday.  Because I’d thrown down packets of flower … Continue reading

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