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The hand that hurts is the hand that helps

My immune system seems to be more vulnerable than normal.  If I catch something going around, it hits me harder and lasts longer.  This has become the norm for me, and it’s something I’m working to change. Stress is harmful … Continue reading

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Down the rabbit hole

“Little Alice fell d o w n the hOle, bumped her head and bruised her soul”  Lewis Carroll You’ll find today’s post interspersed with some favorite quotes by Lewis Carroll.  I feel a bit like someone who fell down a … Continue reading

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Questions that friends of victims ask

There’s a wonderful blog that often addresses important issues for women:  The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker In this post, she asked some important questions.  Here are two of them: “When do attempts to help and support become … Continue reading

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What holds me to him

What holds me to him?  I can think of so many answers to this question.  The fact that I actually married him, said vows, and never wanted to divorce.  This was because I’d been raised to fear the devastation of … Continue reading

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It’s not his fault (article part eight)

And for the favorite topic of the day, we can all remind ourselves that it’s not his fault! “The readiness of narcissistically vulnerable people to convey criticism is equaled only by their resistance to assimilating it.” “I’ll confess that I … Continue reading

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Stockholm Syndrome aka trauma bonding

What contributes to the intense confusion, feelings of despair, and the hope that just won’t stop flickering? The article (linked at bottom) was the first thing I ever read about trauma bonding.  I still find it to be a favorite … Continue reading

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