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Sometimes I’m a stranger to myself

There are times when I hear or see him reading his Bible, that I feel disgusted or really angry.  There are times that I let myself get so hurt and so angry that I lash out or engage in futile … Continue reading

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A hawk killed our cat

I thought I better just stick the worst of it in the topic heading, so anyone has fair warning.  On Tuesday night, both Tiger and Princess came in for the evening sardines and kibble.  They looked great, purring and munching, … Continue reading

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Fighting for myself

I grew up hearing the simple expression: He can dish it out, but he can’t take it, and many times I’ve looked at my husband and thought of those words.  More accurate in his case would be, He can dish … Continue reading

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I’m not upset that you’re hurt

Ad hoc vulnerability.  I bet we’ve all been in that stew pot. Right now, I’m smack fresh in an ad hoc situation.  I went out for a couple long stretches of weeding yesterday.  Because I’d thrown down packets of flower … Continue reading

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One small step

After months of my reluctant involvement with his business, we’ve gone from being in danger of losing everything, to being partially caught up, and yesterday we were able to spend $1,050. cash on a second car.  (The first car is … Continue reading

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