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No reason to stay

His passivity about his abusive behaviors, and his self-pity are driving me crazy.  Really.  Like I want to shout to the world just everything.  Every gritty, ugly, and humiliating detail.  Let the chips fall and the cookies crumble.  And I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on being stuck

One of the best bloggers on passive aggressive abuse recently wrote about feeling stuck.  I gave a brief response there that I’m adding to here: I wrestle almost daily with thoughts that sound very much like yours, only I vacillate … Continue reading

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Mother’s day

This can be a painful day for so many. Some of us no longer have our mothers with us.  Some didn’t have a safe, loving mother while growing up.  Some don’t have kids, and some have lost a child. It … Continue reading

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Turn, turn, turn

Dear blog friends, Things have been a little hectic the last couple days, and I’ll try to catch up with you all tomorrow. For the time being, my youngest son is home. We just placed an order to give our … Continue reading

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Does he see (part two)

Seeking help?  Has he sought help on his own?  Not so far. Each and every time we’ve gone to counseling, it was when I gave an ultimatum.  That makes it sound simple, but it never was. It tears, pleading, threats, … Continue reading

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