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The loneliness remains

I’m still praying and processing so much from our firstborn’s recent visit.  One of the loneliest things is to feel strong sadness, confusion or grief, because I tend to feel it alone.   I know that even in a healthy relationship, … Continue reading

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Marriage without sex with a passive aggressive man

The night before our anniversary when we were going to bed, he leaned over to kiss me goodnight.  This is rare.  Notice I didn’t say ‘rare anymore’ because it’s always been rare.  It usually means he’s considering sex, and it … Continue reading

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Hello insomnia

Not sure what’s up with my recent insomnia.  Nothing is new that I’m consciously aware of.  The same old, same old.  Living the functional dysfunction when your spouse is like more like a platonic roommate, but it doesn’t tear me … Continue reading

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He does all that

In the midst of some painful and draining current events, my husband is behaving well.  So far, we’re tag teaming to deal with a lot of stuff.  I’m thankful it’s going this way, but I can’t trust in it because … Continue reading

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