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This morning’s argument

Our two youngest daughters have been sharing the responsibilities for the cat we adopted from their older sister.  This cat has won the hearts of the entire family, but he’s also been battling cancer, and so gets special supplements on … Continue reading

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Scapegoat for his drama

Something happened after I posted this morning.  I might be too upset to be coherent.  I hope you can follow my attempt to tell it. I mentioned in a comment on a recent post that I’ve been sick.  He never … Continue reading

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Father’s day is a mixed bag

I miss my Dad.  I really do.  While I miss him, I intermittently process anger that comes in fragmented pieces.  I talk to him, get angry, cry, and try to resolve the piece with mercy and grace. I have some … Continue reading

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He makes me crazy

I know, don’t say it, I know that no one can ‘make’ you anything.  If you’re the kind of person that has never been provoked to anger by a passive aggressive man, you might not want to stay for this … Continue reading

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Where there’s smoke

Passive aggressive men don’t get angry.  At least they’ll tell you they aren’t angry.  No matter how their words, tone, and behavior show anger, they’ll say they aren’t angry.  Much smoke, but denial of anything generating it. I know many … Continue reading

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