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This morning’s argument

Our two youngest daughters have been sharing the responsibilities for the cat we adopted from their older sister.  This cat has won the hearts of the entire family, but he’s also been battling cancer, and so gets special supplements on … Continue reading

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My husband is on a long streak of mostly behaving decently,  which tends to produce a struggle within me that wants to put up an extra wall to guard myself, and simultaneously  to relax and let down my guard. Why?  … Continue reading

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Sometimes I’m a stranger to myself

There are times when I hear or see him reading his Bible, that I feel disgusted or really angry.  There are times that I let myself get so hurt and so angry that I lash out or engage in futile … Continue reading

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Passive aggressive is aggressive

The comments left on this article about passive aggressive people were perhaps more interesting to me than the article. You can read it here: I think it’s been so many years that I have gallows humor about this at times.  … Continue reading

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One weak man

This is dedicated to a poster here, to Exodus. She wrote, “I have let one weak, small minded, evil man destroy my quality of life and rob me…” In her post, she talked about personal loss, one of which was … Continue reading

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