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Never sure

Part of the impact of living with a passive aggressive man, someone who gaslights, is never being sure of myself, not even of my own thoughts or feelings. I’ve spent (too many) hours of my life trying to understand who … Continue reading

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He said he was an a-hole

Life with my passive aggressive husband can feel like a roller coaster that’s rolling out of control.  I can be so determined to focus on my own goals and hold to my boundaries, and then find myself flying through some … Continue reading

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Questions that friends of victims ask

There’s a wonderful blog that often addresses important issues for women:  The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker In this post, she asked some important questions.  Here are two of them: “When do attempts to help and support become … Continue reading

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The problem with energy

The problem with energy is that it can be depleted.  I have good days and bad days.  This is a bad day.  This means by mid-afternoon, my bucket feels drained dry.  I have a long ‘should’ list, but only tired, … Continue reading

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